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Marriage Lesson #79: Complimenting Your Wife

30 Nov

So the first 14+ months of marriage have been great…seriously.  For those of you who are married, you know what I mean when I say that you learn a lot in your first year of marriage.  I’m sure the learning doesn’t stop in the years to come, but I write about what I know…

There are certain things that I forget that I should do to let my wife know that I love her, think she’s beautiful, etc.  One of those things is the verbal compliment.  Definitely underrated.  To most guys, the verbal compliment may not seem like a super effective means of flattering a woman…but contrary to what our general estrogenous ignorance tells us, I have found that it actually is.  It may not, however, be as easy as it sounds.  It also takes practice, and requires some balls…

I have recently discovered a means of complimenting my wife that isn’t exactly, should I say, mainstream.

Take note:  In a recent conversation with my wife about the possible effects of her bad hair day (or cut or whatever), she was somewhat upset that the look of her hair that day would adversely affect the outcome of her big job interview.  Not good.

a) This is not a situation that guys want to find themselves in.

b) Once in this situation we need to look for the quickest way out

This is where the compliment comes in. The following dialogue is not actual, but incredibly close.

She says: “Ughh.  I hate my hair!”

I say: “Why?”  (Bad idea)

She says: “It won’t do what I want it to do, and the people doing the interview are going to think I’m a slob.”

I say:  “There are people in the world that are uglier than you…that have jobs.”  Brilliant.  If you are confused as to why this would end the conversation, go ahead and try it.


It is over (and just beginning)

7 Nov

Anyone else ready for the next election season?  Man, I cannot wait.

But seriously, I am glad that it is over.

While there are a lot of disappointed, unhappy, and even scared people out there, I am not one of them.  My hope is that all of those people can all rally behind our new president and have the character to support and pray for him even if you did not vote for him.  He is our president for the next four years (at least) and it is going to be a different term than the last.  I think we can all(or most) agree that the time for change has come…

There have been a lot of Christians who are upset or whatever about people saying that they are “hopeful” or talking about “hope” in our new president…When you hear people talking about “hope” in President-elect Obama, we must remember that this hope is different than our hope in Christ.  We can have have hope in earthly things, and even people.  We know that there is a chance that we will be let down, because we did not vote for and elect a savior, but a president.

Our hope in Christ is a hope that is not shaken because we know that he will not let us down…tand the same cannot be said for the hope that we have in people or in a government.

But let me say that it is OK to be hopeful about the change that is coming…I know I am .