caroline and maddie…sound cute?

4 Mar

This past Saturday our life changed…big time.  We have been thinking about getting a puppy for a while now.  That was one of my Christmas presents…Em’s consent for a puppy…a “medium sized puppy”, as she put it.  This was how our weekend went…    

Friday Night: Em and I decided we would go “look at” some lab puppies that a breeder had just outside of Kalispell.  After checking out the pups, the plan was that we would go up to the mountain for 3 or 4 hours to ski while we thought about the whole puppy thing…it was a great plan.

Saturday: We didn’t set an alarm and woke up around 8:00 to see a beautiful sunny day.  Got our ski stuff ready.  Drove out to West Valley to see pups.  See pups.  Pups are too cute to handle.  Leave breeder.  Go to mountain.  Ski down mountain several times.  It was awesome and beautiful and my face got burned.  Talk about pups on lift and  in car and at Whitefish DQ (Minnesota”s own).  Decide that we can handle two pups.  Yes I said two pups.  I know.  I know we’re crazy.  Yes, we thought about it, thanks mom.  Buy supplies.  Buy two pups…Caroline and Maddie, two 3.5 month old yellow lab sisters.  Madness ensues for rest of Saturday.  

Sunday: 3:00 am, let pups out to do biznass.  Pups do biznass.  Yaaay!!!  Good potty!!!  Put pups back in kennel and go back to bed.  8:00, wake up for church, get ready at let pups out.  Biz.  Yay.  Kennel.  Church.  

Timeout…So we had bought these “kennels” from target thinking we would save some cash, right?  Recession, duh.  Well the “kennels” were nylon and mesh, and thus, soft.  They also suck.  Suck big time.  

Do not purchase this item

Do not purchase this item...neither in red nor blue. courtesy of

 Time in...  

Get back from Church.  Smell poop.  Go upstairs.  See poop.  Walk further.  See more poop.  Disaster…dogs out, poop and other various household items everywhere.  Walls, floor, books, papers, dogs feet and hair, everwhere.  Needless to say it was frustrating.  Yelling happened.  Swearing happened.  From both of us. Some of it was directed at the dogs.  

But of course, we love them and they are getting better.  Just wanted to give you a taste of what our glorious weekend was like.  We are tired.  You should really meet the girls someday though, they are sweet and beautiful.  Here’s to Emily not getting pregnant any time soon.  

p.s. we bought a new real kennel.  It’s money.  Dog proof, even… imagine that.  When I went to return the cheap-ass nylon one this morning (which, by the way, is nearly impossible to get back in the packaging because of it’s nifty “pop-up” feature) the target customer service lady was a) incredibly surprised that i had gotten it back in the packaging, and b) not at all surprised that i was returning said product…she was all like “most people who return this don’t even try to put it back in because it is so hard”.  duh.


2 Responses to “caroline and maddie…sound cute?”

  1. Shannon March 4, 2009 at 5:52 pm #

    Hard kennels are better until they figure out they’re not supposed to destroy them :P.

    Puppies are awesome. I’ve got a wiener dog. 😀
    Dogs = best thing since sliced bread.

  2. Brad Severson March 4, 2009 at 7:01 pm #

    This is good humor! The kennel story had me rolling

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