DIA Doppelgangers

14 Apr

At the time of writing this, I was sitting in the Denver International Airport waiting for some friends:

I have time to spare.   A few hours, to be less vague.  I am on my way to a wedding, and I got an early flight.  Someone we know who is flying out of Denver today is bringing a car here and a couple of my friends and I will then take the car to our final destination.  Crazy plan, I know…crazy brilliant.  

My favorite thing to do in the airport is look for people that I know.  It doesn’t matter where I am (even in the Bahamas), I always expect to see someone that I know that is randomly flying somewhere the same day I am.  Basically it is people-watching with goals and expectations.  It sounds stupid, but happens more often than one would think.  I am sitting at a table near Jamba Juice, and I just finished my bacon, egg, and cheese bisuit from Mc D’s.  Sidenote: I did actually see somebody that I knew in the airport.  I avoided them.  Is that bad?  Let me know…

Today I decided to change the game up a little bit and lok for doppelgangers.  I am going to sit here and watch and list any doppelgangers.  You may or may not know who they are, but they are probably an evil twin version of the real thing.  Here we go:

Todd Lindquist

Ellen Degeneres

Adam Kubista

Jim Brown

There were not as many doppelgangers as I thought, and then my computer ran out of battery because there are no stinking outlets anywhere in that airport.  So I read Chuck Klosterman IV.

On my way back from Colorado I had to fly through Seattle…which is crazy because it is SO out of the way.  Anyway, I saw two people that I knew.  Granted, they were from Kalispell and were flyingback on the same flight, but still.


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