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The American Idol: Andrew Garcia

11 Feb

Andrew Garcia is my pick to win American Idol. I realize it’s still early, but this dude can sing. Holy moses. I would be thoroughly surprised if he doesn’t make it to the top 3.

Short post. Easing my way back into this. Later.


President’s Address To Our Youth

10 Sep

I find it a bit ridiculous tthe outcry against President Obama’s recent address to schools about education.  This is nothing new for presidents, as GHW and Reagan also gave speeches to our children in school.  Some were more political than others (cough-reagan), but I think it is a great thing for our kids to see that the man leading our country cares about them and their education and future, regardless of who it is.

Their was an unfounded overreaction to the speech that isingnorant , fear-based, and annoying.

“Thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me,” suburban Colorado mother Shanneen Barron told CNN Denver affiliate KMGH last week, before the text of the speech was released. (Emphasis added)

Two points of emphasis on that exerpt.  1.  She doesn’t even know what “that” is (unless she is referring to the president, and that would be a whole other post) because 2. The text had not even been released yet.

Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer accused Obama last week of trying to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.”  Again this was before the speeches text was released.  Again, a bit rediculous, and obviously an overraction.  Even he realized this, as he inserted his foot into his mouth.

My hope is that people will not let the fear get to them and they would look at the facts.  This goes for speeches as well as health care bills.  Give the guy a chance before you freak out.  Wow.

the incident

15 Apr

It’s amazing how much scarier things are/seem when it is dark out.  

About a week ago I was riding my bike home from a friends house late at night.  Emily was out of town and I was totally bachin’ it.  I had been at my friend Andy’s house playing board games and Halo.  Good times.  Andy lives about 3 blocks away, but the alley is quicker.  I always get scared riding through the alley, mostly because of the high concentration of stray pit bulls on the south side of Kalispell.  I’m not joking.  Seriously, I’m not, there is an abundance.  





My senses are heightened (because of the pit bulls).  My head on a swivel.  Eyes wide.  Jumpy.  I make it through the alley just fine (PTL), and am about 5 houses from our place when I see a shadowy figure that appeared to be coming straight towards me, riding right down the middle of the road.  As we get closer to each other I realize it is a fellow late-night bike rider.  

When the figure (who I can now see is a man) sees me, he starts yelling.  Most of what he is saying is not comprehensible.    I get scared.  Mostly because it is dark.  I realize that what he thinks is that I am his friend that he is out riding with (which I am not).  Upon further inspection, I realize the man is intoxicated (duh).  





Dude is drunk, on a bike, at 3 in the morning, and thinks I am his friend who apparently ditched him.  I pass him as he is mumbling something about me going the wrong way, and I respond with a “you don’t know me”.  Smooth.  I sound like a teenager responding to a parent’s accusations of drug use or mental illness.  He turns to follow me.  He didn’t seem to understand at all what I was saying, still.  “I’m not your friend”, I say.  Nice.  I pull up to my driveway.  

Not wanting him to know that I live there, I just stop and stand in the street by the driveway.  He passes, me and attempts to do a u-turn in the middle of the street, still yelling incoherently.  As he is turning (too sharply) he falls to the ground.  Hard.  When I ask him if he is alright, he responds with a great sense of humor for a drunk guy.  “It’s called ‘style points'”, he says.  “Nice work”, I say.  Laughing audibly, I watch as he sheepishly picks up his bike, realizes this is a case of mistaken identity, and rides off into the dark.  

I guess the moral of the story is that I have scarier things to worry about in Kalispell than dogs.  Especially in our neighborhood.

DIA Doppelgangers

14 Apr

At the time of writing this, I was sitting in the Denver International Airport waiting for some friends:

I have time to spare.   A few hours, to be less vague.  I am on my way to a wedding, and I got an early flight.  Someone we know who is flying out of Denver today is bringing a car here and a couple of my friends and I will then take the car to our final destination.  Crazy plan, I know…crazy brilliant.  

My favorite thing to do in the airport is look for people that I know.  It doesn’t matter where I am (even in the Bahamas), I always expect to see someone that I know that is randomly flying somewhere the same day I am.  Basically it is people-watching with goals and expectations.  It sounds stupid, but happens more often than one would think.  I am sitting at a table near Jamba Juice, and I just finished my bacon, egg, and cheese bisuit from Mc D’s.  Sidenote: I did actually see somebody that I knew in the airport.  I avoided them.  Is that bad?  Let me know…

Today I decided to change the game up a little bit and lok for doppelgangers.  I am going to sit here and watch and list any doppelgangers.  You may or may not know who they are, but they are probably an evil twin version of the real thing.  Here we go:

Todd Lindquist

Ellen Degeneres

Adam Kubista

Jim Brown

There were not as many doppelgangers as I thought, and then my computer ran out of battery because there are no stinking outlets anywhere in that airport.  So I read Chuck Klosterman IV.

On my way back from Colorado I had to fly through Seattle…which is crazy because it is SO out of the way.  Anyway, I saw two people that I knew.  Granted, they were from Kalispell and were flyingback on the same flight, but still.

writer’s block

6 Apr

I now know what it ito have writer’s block.  According to wikipedia, a very trustworthy source btw, writer’s block is

“a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity. Writer’s block can also be a hindrance even when the writer feels that they already have a story in mind but can get no further than part of that story.”  

That is me.  I have a lack of inspiration or creativity.  I don’t even have a story in mind.  

All I can think about is baseball.  It is opening day for my team, the Minnesota Twins.  I love them.  They are my favorite sports team of all time.  They do things the right way, with a limited payroll, and win ball games.  They have fun.  I wish I was in Minneapolis today, not only to go to the game, but to check out the day-long festivities at the Metrodome.  They usually start giving out free hot dogs early in the morning (with coffee of course), and continue throughout the day.  They also have games to play out in the plaza as well as other food, beer, and fun.  It is just an awesome atmosphere.  

I bought the audio package so I could listen to all of the games.  15 bucks for the whole year…awesome.  That is the only way I can get the games.  

So here’s to baseball, blogs, and lack of posts on blogs.

New post coming soon!

3 Apr

Sorry guys, just in a dry spell.  There will be a new post coming this weekend!  Thanks!

Iditarod: “The Last Best Race”?

17 Mar

Check out my first real post on Alright Hamilton!